The Structural Engineer > Archive > Volume 53 (1975) > Issues > Issue 9 > Comparison of Energy Requirements for Building Materials and Structures
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Comparison of Energy Requirements for Building Materials and Structures

The energy required to make, transport and erect the most common structural materials is tabulated, together with the energy to make unit areas of several building elements. An energy audit is carried out for 12 different layouts of basic structure including reinforced concrete, structural steel and loadbearing brickwork. Similar calculations for ll elevations of cladding suitable for use with the selected structures are also given. Where appropriate, the results for different elevations and structures are combined to give figures for total structure. To avoid the possibility of misleading conclusions. similar results are presented for the running energy required for the elevations considered. Conclusions are drawn concerning the lowest amount of energy required to build internal structures, elevations, and total structures. B.A. Haseltine

Author(s): Haseltine, B A

Keywords: comparing;energy;manufacturing;materials;conveying;erecting