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Dr. Nwokoye has written in reply to Mr. Sykes' comments on timber grading and the relationship of strength to elastic modulus in timber (June 1976), comments which were stimulated by a paper by Dr. Nwokoye in the March 1976 issue. Dr. Nwokoye's observations are fairly lengthy by the standards considered appropriate to this column and we have been making rather an issue concerning brevity recently; neverthless what Dr. Nwokoye has to say is likely to attract the close attention of some members and may stimulate further discussion which could be of interest at a time when a new limit state code for timber is being formulated. So as to maintain a semblance of our real concern for brevity in contribution we are putting this one at the end of the column where it can masquerade as a separate article, or a reply to a discussion on a paper, which it is. Verulam