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A letter from a contributor to this column complains that he has received neither acknowledgement nor reply to an earlier letter; oontributors should understand that generally we will not do so, for the two simple reasons that it would cost money and take up time better applied in doing something else. Inclusion of comments in the column suffices when this is done, but readers will recollect that we reserved the right to edit, mutilate (in the belief of the contributor) or ignore comments as we saw fit. This particular comment had, in fact, been used in the copy some time before the complaint was received but there is necessarily a quite considerable lapse of time between preparation of the column and actual publication. Moreover, contributors are not dealt with strictly in the chronological order they are received; some effort is made to achieve a continuity and balance. This may not be well done but is at least attempted. In writing about the column itself we would also remind contributors that they should express their comments as concisely as possible. Most do but we have received several which would fill half a dozen or more pages of the journal and the task of condensing some of these can, and does, lead them to being set aside for next month-a process which tends to be repeated indefinitely! Verulam