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Do you recollect the abominable weather that brought the whole country to a near standstill at the turn of the year, or have the promises of Spring, referendums, and other apparently major events, swept them from your minds, so that, like us. you will be just as unprepared for it when a similar inclemency descends once again upon us all? We recall these events because they brought to us the misfortune of being snowbound on a journey, but the good fortune to find ourselves stranded in a pleasant country pub in the company of an eminent member of our Institution. Each weather forecast was given concentrated attention; between them, there were lengthy periods of somnolence and shorter periods of activity when we ventured out to take what exercise we could, but, having exhausted the weather as a subject for conversation, and having reached agreement, each with a few reservations, on how the country could and should be run, conversation turned to speculation on some aspects of structural engineering which we venture to think may be of interest. Verulam