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Structural calculations and the unqualified Mr D. S. Poppitt says that he has been tempted to write to us many times, and we are glad that he has now yielded to temptation to let us have his views on two matters of interest to many: As a member of a consulting practice, I have had the onerous task of checking calculations on behalf of a local authority. It is generally a pleasant matter to discuss any problems with fellow engineers, who will discuss ‘theories and ideas’ to explain their solutions. However, cases do arise when people who are not qualified prepare calculations under the assumption that ‘come what may’ they are correct, when in many instances they are not. Although such people are, thankfully, few in number, it brings to mind two points. One, that there are many unqualified people who are well capable of preparing calculations and being responsible; unfortunately, the former type ‘tar them all with the same brush’. Secondly, it would seem to confirm that the proposals for the new Building Regs-that a qualified engineer should certify designs-are well founded. Verulam