The Structural Engineer > Archive > Volume 70 (1992) > Issues > Issue 22 > Simplified Methods for Analysing Steel Strands
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Simplified Methods for Analysing Steel Strands

The paper presents some design-office-type methods for large diameter and multilayered spiral strands with a minimum of equations and formulae. The proposed design methods are based on previously reported orthotropic sheet theory which, unlike previously published models, concentrates on the influence of interwire/interlayer contact phenomena as regards strand overall axial, torsional and free bending characteristics. M. Raoof and Y.P. Huang

Author(s): Raoof, M;Huang, Y P

Keywords: steel;wires;analysis;axial loads;stiffness;torsion;deflecting;spirals;cyclic loads;behaviour;worked examples;numerical analysis;forecasting;hysteresis