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Engineers’ salaries More engineers have written to express concern regarding the salary survey conducted by the Engineering Council. Allan Love writes from Eastbourne: Surveys and statistics can be made to show whatever the author wants shown. I find, when checking calculations, that it is compartively very easy to check what is put in front of you, but very difficult to check what you haven’t got. This, may I suggest, is what the recent survey of engineers has projected. Compare the salary figures in last month’s (January) appointments section; employers are expecting to pay engineers &15-28k, none of your £40k posts here. Or could this just be the wrong month? I think not! The Engineering Council should surely be brought to task on the matter as it is grossly misleading information and does us positive harm. It would be useful to know the parameters for the survey and the percentage of chartered engineers not on the national register. I must also question the price of the survey at £95 - for what? I would almost buy a British Standard or a Eurocode for this amount. Perhaps the Director General of the Engineering Council, Mike Heath, should respond. Criticism is of little value without a cuticle of constructive comment, but if I were to present the above figures to my employer I am sure the reaction would be ... ‘you want a 60% increase - “you cannot be serious”.’ Perhaps Verulam could print extracts, or gve a flavour of what the £95 represents. The Institution annually recommends that we continue membership of the Engineering Council, should we therefore not expect more from it‘? How about a FREE copy of the survey? The information provided is just not a fair reflection of the truth of the matter.