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BS 8002 - Earth-retaining structures Mr B. N. Sharp, who is a member of various BS committees and working parties addressing maritime structures, has written from Ealing, London W5, also referring members to the PIANC Report by a Working Party on ‘Recommendations for the construction of breakwaters with vertical and inclined concrete walls - Report of Subgroup C’. He continues: It has not been explained that BS 8002 does not apply to maritime structures. This is of great concern, as water loads can greatly exceed that of submerged soil, and we therefore now have no BS guidance at all. The Subgroup C subreport, and the full sections covering this topic, and a summary section, elucidates guidance as requested by your contributors - and would at least merit public comment. It will eventually be summarised in a published reprint by PIANC, of which the main subject is, of course, wave and hydrodynamic loading and structural stability in relation to probability and wave loading.