The Structural Engineer > Archive > Volume 79 (2001) > Issues > Issue 7 > Engineering Measurement and Testing of Land-Based Structures
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Engineering Measurement and Testing of Land-Based Structures

This paper presents a number of case histories illustrating the benefits and costs of certain types of engineering measurement and testing, with a focus on land-based structures. The benefits are described mainly in terms of safety, economy, and environment. The costs are related to the amount of data collected and processed. The paper concludes with some technical and financial guidance for clients, owners, consultants, and contractors, who may be considering these types of activities. J.R. Maguire

Author(s): Maguire, J R

Keywords: measuring;case studies;benefits;costs;monitoring;power stations;Bridges;prestressed concrete;towers;multistorey buildings;vibration;static loads;data;dynamic loads