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Redevelopment of Knightsbridge Crown Court for Harrods

The redevelopment of Knightsbridge Crown Court for Harrods was a highly complex mixed-use project consisting of seven storeys above ground and seven storeys below ground. A 25m deep basement was constructed using 800mm thick diaphragm walls and top-down techniques.The lowest level of the basement is linked to Harrods by a 5m diameter, 75m long tunnel accessed by a set of freight lifts. Top-down methods were also used to construct the lift shafts from an existing narrow lightwell within the main building. Ground movement is inevitable with this type of construction. Conventional methods were used to keep it to a minimum, and a comprehensive monitoring system was installed.Compensation grouting, based on the observations from the monitoring work, was successfully carried out to control settlements resulting from the tunneling (detailed explanation of geotechnical considerations and design is published elsewhere by others1, 2, 3 & 4). The complex transfer structures needed to deal with the different grids required at different levels are described and so are the constraints imposed on the project by the need to retain an existing façade along one of the major elevations. Awards: This project won a Structural Heritage Award 2002 from the IstructE R. E. Slade, BSc, CEng, FIStructE WSP Group A. Darling, BSc, CEng, MICE WSP Group M. Sharratt, MSc WSP Group

Author(s): Slade, R E;Darling, A;Sharratt, M

Keywords: knightsbridge crown court, london;harrods department store, knightsbridge, london;redeveloping;deep basements;top down methods;ground movements;statistics;history;design;planning;tunnels;bs8102;foundations;facades;conversion;diaphragm walls;superstructure;historic buildings;monitoring;walking columns