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Editorial Notes

We would draw the attention of our readers to an alteration which has been made in the "make-up" of the Journal this month; that is the presentation of such items as "Institution Notices" and "Branch Notices" as a separate insertion. This innovation has been made in response to a large number of requests from members. An increasing number of readers are having the twelve issues bound into one volume at the end of each year, and it was felt that the repetition of lists of names and addresses detracted from the value of The Structural Engineer as a scientific journal. Printed, as they will be in future, on coloured paper, and inserted in the middle of the Journal, these pages will be distinguished from those containing matter of more permanent interest, and the difference in colour will also serve to draw attention to the various notices issued by the Council and the Branch Secretaries. Moreover, when the journals are bound at the end of the year, these pages can be detached without mutilating any other part of the Journal.