Affiliate Scheme

If you have any sort of interest in structural engineering, the Institution’s Affiliate Scheme is for you. If you’re:

  • an architect;
  • a civil engineer;
  • working in or supplying construction;
  • an educator, especially in STEM subjects;
  • already a member of another engineering society;
  • simply interested in engineering, design and the built environment.

you can benefit from greater access to the structural engineering profession, industry news, networking opportunities and a range of technical events and publications.
No training or expertise is needed and there are no exams to sit – it’s a really simple way to get involved in structural engineering and understand how it shapes our world. There are three tiers to the scheme:

Standard - £50 per annum

When you join at the standard rate, you will receive the following benefits:

*where one exists
**subject to availability
***The Affiliate Scheme does not entitle individuals to describe themselves as members of The Institution of Structural Engineers

Enhanced - £70 per annum

If you take the enhanced package, as well as the Standard benefits above, you will also receive:

Premium - £190 per annum

As well as the Standard and Enhanced benefits above, Premium Affiliates will also receive printed copies of The Structural Engineer.

For non-commercial organisations, a Group Affiliate scheme is also available that offers discounts on these rates.
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