Group Affiliates Scheme

Professional institutions, trade associations and other non-commercial membership organisations can add value to their own membership offer through the Group Affiliates Scheme. The scheme provides the same levels of benefit as the regular Affiliates Scheme, but offers a discounted rate for members of organisations that sign up for the scheme.

The Group Affiliate Scheme is open to non-commercial organisations wishing to enrol a minimum of ten members.

If you’ve already signed up to the Group Affiliates scheme, your members can join here.

The tiers are as follows:


Your members joining the Standard tier will receive:

*where one exists
**subject to availability
***The Affiliate Scheme does not entitle individuals to describe themselves as members of The Institution of Structural Engineers.


Members taking the enhanced package, as well as the Standard benefits above, will also receive:


As well as the Standard and Enhanced benefits above, Premium Affiliates will also receive printed copies of The Structural Engineer.

Once you register for the scheme, your members will qualify for a discount of £16 on standard pricing as follows:

Standard rate: £50 per annum      with discount: £34 per annum
Enhanced rate: £70 per annum     with discount: £54 per annum
Premium rate: £190 per annum     with discount: £174 per annum


This is a great way to boost the value of your current membership package at no cost to your organisation. When your members join, we’ll just need a copy of a valid membership card (or similar proof of membership) and the discount will be applied. Contact the membership department if you are interested in offering the Group Affiliate scheme to your membership.

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