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Professional Review Interview

Once you are satisfied that all the core objectives have been completed, you should consider applying for the PRI. You will need to complete the IPD Final Report Form for each of the 12/13 core objectives (additional sheets may be used). The IPD Final Report should be your statement summarising how all your experience and training has enabled you to satisfy the requirements of the objectives.

When completing IPD Final Report Forms, points to remember are:

  • Make it personal
  • Make it positive
  • Clearly state how you have achieved the core objectives

The Professional Review Interview (PRI) is designed to test your ability and ensure that you have satisfied all 12/13 core objectives within your Initial Professional Development (IPD). The length of the interview will vary according to the routes you have taken and the length of time it takes for the reviewers to determine whether you have reached the required standard in each objective. The reviewers will ask you to make a presentation of no more than 15 minutes (no electronic aids will be allowed) with the interview lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Whilst the reviewers will try to help you by asking appropriate questions, it is important that you can demonstrate that you have achieved the necessary attainment levels for ALL 12/13 core objectives. In order to pass the interview you must pass all 12/13 objectives.

Interview schedule
Interviews (Chartered and Associate-Member grades) are scheduled between October and December (unless otherwise arranged with the Professional Review and CPD Officer). Provisional dates for interviews are expected to be available from August/September each year. Interviews in Hong Kong are usually scheduled between May and August.

Interviews for Technician grade candidates are held twice yearly during April and May and between October and December.

Application deadline

We recommend that candidates applying for the Professional Review (deadline of 1 September each year) submit their applications well in advance to allow for possible delays. 

We now accept email applications to  If you use this method of delivery, please do not send a hardcopy in the post.

  • All late applications will be subject to a late application fee of £150
  • No applications will be accepted after 9 September

What happens if I fail the interview?
If you fail 1 to 3 objectives you will only be interviewed on those objectives next time. If you fail 4 or more you will be required to sit the full interview next time.

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