Graduate Member

Stand out from the crowd

Becoming a Graduate Member opens doors to a world of opportunity. It tells your industry that you’re serious about what you do.

As a Graduate Member you’ll build knowledge and connections, discover inspiring ideas and forge important relationships - thanks to a wide range of courses, conferences and networking opportunities.

You’ll also access a world of wisdom: the Institution will help you develop professional skills that make your CV stand out, from specialist structural engineering capabilities to soft skills like communication. You’ll also be able to access knowledge via the library, and a range of unique study texts and publications.

Graduate Members have completed an accredited (or recognised) structural and/or civil engineering degree or the equivalent. They work towards becoming professionally qualified as either Associate-Members or Chartered Members.

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Applicants for this grade of membership need to hold one of the following:

Accredited degree

A degree in civil or structural engineering from a university course accredited by the Institution through the Joint Board of Moderators or an Institution-approved equivalent qualification.

Recognised degree

If you have an academic degree that has not been accredited by the Institution, you may still apply to become a Graduate Member if the degree is recognised by one of the following three international Mutual Recognition Agreements:

Academic assessment

If you have neither of the above, you can still qualify to become a Graduate Member by applying for an academic assessment. The Institution’s Academic Qualifications Panel (AQP) will review your academic qualifications and compare them against the learning outcomes that are required for you to become either a Chartered Member or an Associate-Member. The results will help the Institution determine whether your qualifications are comparable with equivalent verified qualifications.

The Institution will be able to advise on whether you'll need to take some further learning in order to satisfy the academic requirements for your chosen professional grade of membership.

If the qualification that you hold is not accredited, and as such requires assessment under the Institution's Individual Case Procedure (ICP), an assessment fee of £145 will apply.

2018 fees

Student Members graduating in a civil and/or structural engineering discipline in 2018 will automatically be enrolled as a Graduate Member, with no charge in their first year. 

Annual subscription: £162
This is payable by anyone wishing to join as a Graduate Member without already holding Student Membership of the Institution. 

Note: The Institution operates a pro rata system for fees meaning that the amount payable will be determined by your application date. The pro rata rate fees can be found here

How to apply

Student Members of the Institution will be automatically enrolled to Graduate Membership in their year of graduation. No charges will apply for the first year of membership. 

Non-Student members: To apply for Graduate Membership you'll need to complete Form G and enclose the appropriate supporting documentation and payment.

Note: You will need to provide a certified copy* of your degree certificate and the relevant payment along with your application form. If you require an academic assessment you will need to provide certified copies of your academic transcripts.

*A photocopy which has been signed by your employer or supporter stating it is a true copy.

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