Graduate Member

Stand out from the crowd

Becoming a Graduate Member opens doors to a world of opportunity. It tells your industry that you’re serious about what you do.

As a Graduate Member you’ll build knowledge and connections, discover inspiring ideas and forge important relationships - thanks to a wide range of courses, conferences and networking opportunities.

You’ll also access a world of wisdom: the Institution will help you develop professional skills that make your CV stand out, from specialist structural engineering capabilities to soft skills like communication. You’ll also be able to access knowledge via the library, and a range of unique study texts and publications.

Graduate Members have completed a degree in civil or structural engineering, or an equivalent engineering or built environment degree. They work towards becoming professionally qualified as either Associate-Members or Chartered Members.

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How to apply:

Already a Student Member:

If you are already a Student Member of the Institution and you are graduating in a civil or structural discipline this year you will automatically be enrolled as a Graduate Member, with no charge in your first year of Graduate Membership. We will email you to confirm when you have been elected as a Graduate Member. 

Student Members who are graduates in other disciplines can apply for Graduate Membership using Form G, and may need to undertake an academic assessment. Please contact the Membership Team if you are unsure of your eligibility.

Alternatively, the Affiliate scheme is an option if you want to maintain your association with The Institution but don't plan on progressing to professional membership. 

Non-Student Members:

If you are not already a Student Member of the Institution you'll need to complete Form G and enclose the appropriate supporting documentation and payment, including a certified copy of your degree certificate. (A photocopy which has been signed by your employer or supporter stating it is a true copy). 

Remember: if you have not yet graduated you can still qualify for a free year of Graduate Membership by signing up for free Student Membership online.


Find information on fees for Graduate Membership.

Moving to professional registration?

If you're planning to move on to professional registration as a Chartered or Associate-Member you may need to have your academic qualifications assessed. Visit the Academic Requirements page to find out more about your eligibility, and the academic assessment process, so that you can commence this next stage as soon as possible. The Membership Team is on hand to answer any questions. 


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