The East Anglian Branch section was formed as a result of Mr O. Lithgow joining Boulton & Paul Ltd, a large Structural Steel Fabricators in the area, in the early 1960`s.

Mr Lithgow had Previously been an active Member in the North East of England and felt that there were enough members in this area to form a Section.

A meeting of interested Members was held at the Royal Hotel in Norwich. At that time, Mr A. R. Mackay was the only Fellow of the Institution based in Norwich, and he agreed to become the first Chairman of the East Anglian Section.

O. Lithgow (1968-69),
J. H. Gibson (1970-71, 1976-77, 1983-84),
J. L. Wilcox (1969-70), of Boulton & Paul agreed to apply for Fellowship status to be Chairman for the following 3 years. J. M. Moores (1971-72),
E. T. Castle (1972-73),
D. R. Ward (1974-75) and a past institution president
D. A. G. Reed (1975-76) were chairmen of the section. In the year 1977-78 under the Chairmanship of J. H. Moores the section became The East Anglian Branch. D. J. Allen (1978-79),
E. T. Castle (1979-80),
A. R. Mackay (1980-81),
P. F. Simmond (1981-89),
D. J. Ward (1982-93),
J. H. Gibson (1983-84).

It being difficult to find the necessary Fellows, who would become Chairman, it was decided that the Chairman should stand for a two year term. The Chairman being, M. J. H. Clark (1984-90),
K. G. A. Brockman (1986-88)
J. H. Howlett (1988-1990)
M. P. Hale (1990-92),
M. V. E. Donnetti (1993-94),
B. N. Gentry 1994-98) served a 4 year term as Chairman, followed by
N. Hindley (1998-2002)
M. Hale (2002-2005)
C. Feltham (2005-2008)
M. Crosby (2008-2010)
M. Byatt (2010-?)
The Branch still has difficulty in finding Fellows who will Act as Chairman.
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