Research Fund supports two £5000 projects

Published: 24/08/2011

The Institution of Structural Engineers’ Research Fund has awarded two £5000 grants under the new Research Award scheme.

The scheme funds the development of innovative new research areas in structural engineering and facilitates additional aspects of ongoing research.

The Research Panel was encouraged by the number of applications which were assessed on their impact to the industry and potential benefit to Institution members.

The two grants awarded under the 2011 scheme are as follows:

Dr Prakash Kripakaran of University of Exeter will investigate the application of non-linear elastic wave spectroscopy for the early detection of delamination in fibre reinforced polymer retrofitted concrete structural elements.

This could lead to a new non-destructive approach for assessing the integrity of externally bonded FRP systems.

Dr Xixiang Yu of University of Strathclyde will conduct full scale fire tests on a cold-formed steel portal frame building to evaluate current design practice that in some conditions leads to unsafe designs but in others gives over-prescribed solutions.

The results will be used to develop performance based design recommendations for both hot-rolled steel and cold-formed steel structures. The tests will also determine the performance of cold-formed steel joints in fire.

The awards, funded by the Institution’s Research Fund, are open to researchers in industry and academe or collaborative groups. Applications for the 2012 scheme will be invited from January 2012.


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