New Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel

Published: 12/12/2016

Jon Leach FIStructE

Panel will help members keep pace with the rapid pace of technological development in design practice and address the widening gap between those familiar with digital workflows in the modern office space and those using more traditional methods.

The Institution is forming a new Digital Workflows and Computational Design Panel to examine and report on trends in these areas and to prepare relevant advice for Institution members. 

The Panel will review current digital workflow and computational design practice across a range of organisations and identify developing trends; review current education and graduate training and identify any perceived gaps; assist with developing suitable training courses and CPD programmes and draw members' attention to such events and liaise with other Institutions in the Built Environment to ensure a wider professional understanding of the cross-disciplinary impact of more collaborative design processes. 

Jon Leach FIStructE, Chair of the new Panel, said:

“Digital technology is revolutionising the way we design, build, operate and experience structures and the built environment. As a global industry, structural engineering has traditionally been one of the more conservative fields when it comes to the early adoption of technology, but the pace of change is now so significant it is essential that we take an active lead in the process.   

“By adopting a progressive approach to digital workflows and computational design we have the potential to be hugely efficient and innovative in design and construction, and we can also promote better engagement and creativity to attract the best engineers to our industry.”


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