New Humanitarian and International Development Panel

Published: 12/12/2016

Panel Chair, Tom Newby MIStructE

Panel will provide leadership for members, identifying where and how structural engineers can contribute to efforts to confront the challenges faced by the poorest and most vulnerable people around the world.  

The Institution is forming a new Humanitarian and International Development Panel, clarifying policy around the role Institution members can play in this area and the skills and experience they need to contribute. 

By collaborating with the recently formed UK Built Environment Advisory Group (UKBEAG) the Institution will more effectively assist in identifying the skills and resources that members require in various situations and more effectively influence government decision makers to use funds and resources effectively and equitably, particularly where engineering and infrastructure play a role in disaster preparedness, response and recovery and in development and resilience.

The Panel will work to identify ways in which members are already involved in disaster relief, urban and rural development, resilience planning and other humanitarian activities, and seek to create and clarify the Institution’s policies and role in these areas. 

It will also establish and maintain contact with relevant charities and organisations (like CARE, RedR, Bridges to Prosperity, Engineers without Borders etc.); engage with DFID and other relevant UK Government agencies; identify specific training needs; inform members of relevant codes of good practice; and identify gaps in technical capability and knowledge which institution members could play a role in filling.


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