Minutes of AGM 12 October 2016

Published: 01/12/2016

The minutes of the meeting are outlined below.

Location: American University in Dubai
Date: Wednesday, 12 October 2016
Time: 19.00 hours


Mr Mohamad Khodr Al-Dah - Chairman
Mr John Price - Senior Vice Chairman
Mr. Angelo Manesero - Vice Chairman
Mr. Haydar Ibrahim - Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Farhad Homayounshad - Honorary Secretary
Mr. Bharat Khatri
Mr. Sarna Srinivas
Miss Jovana Lukac
Mr. Davood Bashir


Mr. Mathew Esther
Dr. Francesco Presta
Mr Koen Meert
Mr Ordante Delizio (Dantes)

The following issues were presented during the AGM in accordance with the earlier Agenda distributed to the members:

1. Annual Report of the Chairman: The Chairman provided a summary of key activities carried out by the Committee, including highlights of President's visit, monthly presentations, IPD and Part-3 Exam Preparation courses, legal registration of the group, joint presentations with SOE, etc.

2. Annual Report of the Hon. Treasurer: The Hon. Treasurer presented a summary of 2016 spending budget (AED 33,584) which was approved by majority vote. The 2017 budget of AED 49,000 was presented and the current financial status, as well as the forecast till end of the year was discussed. The 2017 budget was also approved by majority vote.

3. Election of the Officers and Committee Members: The core Committee Members as nominated for 2016-7 were put to public vote:

Chairman: Mr Mohamad AI Dah
Senior Vice-Chariman: Mr John Price
Vice-Chairman: Mr Angelo Manesero
Hon Treasurer: Mr Haydar Ibrahim
Hon Secretary: Mr Farhad Homayounshad
Committee Member: Mr Matthew Esther
Committee Member: Dr Francesco Presta
Committee Member: Mr Bharat Khatri

All nominations were approved by majority vote. In addition, further nominations, as confirmed prior to AGM, were
put to public vote. All nominations, as detailed below were approved by majority vote:

a) Mr. Sarna Srinivas
b) Mr. Koen Meert
c) Mr. Davood Bashir
d) Miss. Jovana Lukac
e) Mr. Orandante M. Delizo

Prior to the AGM, the monthly presentation on Blending Art and Science in Buildings & Bridges was presented by Mr. Maqsood Ahmed of Specialty Structures.

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