2017 BIM Survey: increasing relevance of BIM to practice, but continued training issues.

Published: 11/09/2017

Survey of membership reveals high level of enthusiasm for BIM among structural engineers, but identifies continued training issues.

The survey of over 600 Institution members included a good spread of respondents, with 30% sole practitioners or from practices or ten employees or less, and 27% from practices of 500 or more. 38% of respondents were aged 34 or less.

The key findings include:

Improving perception of BIM’s relevance:

Of those surveyed, 85% believed BIM to be relevant to their practice, up from 78% last year. 

Gap between ambitions for BIM use and use in practice remains – but situation is improving

76% of respondents said they already needed to use BIM to meet their clients’ needs, or would need to do so within the next two years – an increase of 6% on last year.

41% described their current use of BIM as ‘heavy’ or ‘very heavy’ – markedly up from 32% last year. However, 23% still described use as ‘very light’ - down from 34% last year, but showing that a gap between ambitions for BIM implementation and actual use remains.

BIM training issues

24% of respondents said they had not received BIM training at their company, compared with 22% last year.

59% of respondents said that technicians and modellers were being trained in BIM, while 30% reported Graduates receiving training. However, only 10% reported principal staff and/or Directors being trained in BIM – similar to the 9% reported last year.

38% of respondents said that their firms either provides poor training or no training at all. Only 11% rated their training as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Exceptional’.


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