Message from the President on the fire at Grenfell Tower

Published: 26/06/2017

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, by ChiralJon

A message for members from 2017 President, Ian Firth.

The fire at Grenfell Tower, in London last week continues to have an enormous impact on many people, not least of all those families directly affected through these tragic circumstances with the loss of family members and their homes. Our thoughts are with those families and everyone affected.

The structural engineering profession and wider engineering community, represented by those professionals on site, have been offering their expertise and support and the Institution stands ready to assist them.

As to the cause and nature of the fire, this is not a time for speculation. Much has already been said in the media, and many building owners are reacting by planning substantial changes to their buildings. The results of the inquiry will not be known for some time and it is important to be in possession of the facts before jumping to too many conclusions.

Behind the scenes our SCOSS committee are hard at work supporting the full-scale inquiry and as a profession, we are all reflecting on anything that might have prevented or mitigated the disaster.

As an Institution, we have through the Royal Academy of Engineering written to the Prime Minister offering our full support in contribution to the public inquiry. We will keep members updated as and when appropriate and will continue to liaise with others in ensuring any necessary lessons are understood and acted upon.

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