The Structural Awards 2017: shortlist reveals elegance and innovation of structural engineering

Published: 01/08/2017

The shortlist features 43 entries selected from 119 projects globally. 

The shortlist features 43 entries selected from 119 projects globally. Now in its 50th year, these prestigious annual awards showcase the world’s best engineering structures and demonstrate the diversity of structural engineering. 

The shortlisted projects highlight the ingenuity and creativity of structural engineers, celebrating both these forward-thinking professionals and the world’s most cutting-edge engineering. 

This year’s shortlist of ground-breaking projects offers a glimpse into a diverse range of buildings, celebrating excellence through exemplary engineering solutions. The buildings, bridges and landmarks created are beyond the ordinary, indicating technical superiority and absolute attention to detail. 

Institution Chief Executive, Martin Powell, said: “Structural engineers are the unsung heroes of so many projects and these awards showcase their skill, expertise and creativity. Working alongside architects and designers, a structural engineer not only makes the structure look iconic, they ensure it is fit for purpose and safe for our use and enjoyment. Whether it’s a bridge connecting communities or a concert stage designed for our entertainment, structural engineers are the guardians of public safety who ensure any structure can withstand all kinds of stresses and strains.

“The nature of engineering is changing and our awards prove just how innovative our industry is in solving challenges and creating 21st Century solutions. Structural engineers bring truly ambitious and monumental projects to life

Following strict judging criteria, shortlisted entries were selected for excellence, creativity and innovation, as well as elegance and detailing. Sustainability, economic viability and value for money, were also core considerations. 

View the complete shortlist. The winners will be announced on Friday 17 November 2017 during a ceremony at The Brewery, London.


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