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Published: 12/06/2017

Our annual People and Papers Awards recognise the best articles from our flagship publication. Read them here.

The annual People and Papers Awards include a number of prizes for the best articles published in The Structural Engineer. President Ian Firth, presenting the awards, noted the extraordinary high quality of papers published by the Institution, held up around the world as gold standard engineering articles.

Joe Kindregan, Chair of the Papers Judging Panel, noted that papers covered projects ranging from relatively small projects up to what are and will become iconic structures, reflecting members’ interests, influence and contributions to the structural engineering industry and the built environment.

"The quality and variety of papers presented in 2016 was excellent," he said, "and this reflects the high regard in which the awards are held by all the authors, presenters and especially the prize recipients here today."

Here's the list of winners, all of which were published during 2016.

Murray Buxton Award: Andrew Henry, Chia Wah Kam, Clive Lewis, Malcolm Smith, Mike King, Nick Boulter, Peter Hoad, Ruth Wong, Scott Munro and See Lin Ming - for their paper ‘Singapore Sports Hub: engineering the National Stadium’ published in September 2016.

The Guthrie Brown Award: Michael Orr, Tom Webster and Jon Leach, for their paper ‘2015 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion – challenges of form and fabric’ published in May 2016.

The Derrington Construction Award: Emidio Piermarini, Hayden Nuttall, Rob May and Victoria Janssens, for their paper ‘City of Dreams, Macau – making the vision viable’ published in March 2016.

The Husband Prize: Pádraig McCarron and Ian Crook, for their paper ‘Ordsall Chord, Manchester: design of the UK’s first network arch bridge’ published in July 2016.

The Clancy Prize: Kalaichelvi Navaratnarajah, For his paper ‘Engineering towards a resilient world – managing client expectations’ published in April 2016.

Other Paper Awards, for papers presented outside The Structural Engineer included:

Sir Arnold Waters Medal: Martin Paul Ashmead, for his paper ‘Building Collapses & Dangerous Structures’ and William John Harvey for his paper ‘They said it couldn’t be done: Elevarch’.

The Oscar Faber Award: Simon Bourne, for his paper ‘Best Construction Methods for Concrete Bridge Decks – Cost Data’ presented at Institution HQ in April 2016.

A diploma was also presented to Angus Cormie for his paper ‘Realising the Design 1: Design for Construction’ presented at Institution HQ in April 2016 


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