Institution of Structural Engineers launches new Certificate in Structural Behaviour

Published: 11/07/2018

The Institution will offer the Certificate from September 2018.

Candidates for the Certificate must pass an exam which will assess their theoretical knowledge and understanding of this fundamental element of structural engineering. Anyone can apply, regardless of Institution membership.

The exam, based on the Institution’s popular structural behaviour course, will be online and remotely invigilated, lasting two hours and comprising 20 multiple choice questions. Candidates around the world will be able to take the exam anywhere that has an internet connection, at a time of their choosing. 

The Certificate will carry the authority and credibility of an internationally recognised professional engineering institution with a reputation for high standards and rigorous examinations. Attaining the Certificate will mark out candidates as having the skill set that modern employers seek.

Darren Byrne, Deputy Chief Executive of the Institution, said:

“We’re offering the Certificate in Structural Behaviour to support members in developing and demonstrating their knowledge of this vital element of structural engineering. This initiative helps address widespread employer concerns about a decline in engineers’ understanding of how structures behave and the need to re-emphasise fundamentals in graduate skill sets. 

“Based on our very popular online course - which is already being used by employers to aid their recruitment processes – it demonstrates our commitment to both supporting competence and improving accessibility to Institution qualifications, products and services.

“Obtaining the Certificate will really highlight a graduate as someone with a good understanding of the sort of skills industry needs, as well as someone with ambition and an interest in expanding knowledge. It will also open up great discounts on Graduate Membership of the Institution, and help prepare those wanting to advance their path to Chartered Membership.”

If you would like to be one of the first to sit the exam, register your interest by contacting the Institution’s Membership Department.

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