BIM Survey 2018

Published: 18/12/2018

Read headline results from our 2018 BIM survey. 

The Institution surveyed members on BIM related issues for the third year in 2018, part of an ongoing effort to assist members in their digital transformation journeys and help steer the direction of Institution policy.


238 members completed the 2018 survey as opposed to 619 in 2017. BIM Panel Vice-Chair Martin Simpson explains:

“When examining the results of our 2018 survey we must be cautious in our conclusions due to the smaller sample, and (as always) be aware of confirmation bias, where digital transformation enthusiasts are more likely to complete our survey."

Different questions

“In 2018 our questions were also slightly different, which presents challenges in comparing historic data - but this has allowed us to incorporate questions from the NBS BIM Survey (primarily completed by architects and architectural technicians), and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) BIM Survey - allowing us to compare views within the UK industry, and set them against US structural engineers.”

Global responses

In 2018 approximately a third of respondents stated they are working outside the UK compared with approximately a quarter of respondents in 2017.


BIM adoption

Over 83% of respondents either agree or strongly agree with the statement “BIM is an opportunity for structural engineers”.  

64% of respondents either disagree or strongly disagree with the statement “BIM is a threat to the structural engineering profession”.

Over 87% of respondents would recommend their profession and role to someone choosing a career.

In the last year 26% of respondents perceive their firm to have increased BIM adoption.

BIM Training 

Training related to BIM has increased across all membership grades from last year with an increase in training given to directors, project managers and project engineers.  

However, the bulk of BIM training is still aimed at “drafters, technicians and modellers” (62% of respondents confirm) and graduate engineers (33% of respondents confirm).

CIC BIM Protocol

The majority of respondents believe they are working on at least some projects where the information model is a contractual deliverable, yet just under half are unaware of the CIC BIM Protocol (which should be an essential part of a project where BIM is a contractual deliverable).


Martin Simpson says:

“Our survey raises the concern that some members’ lack of awareness of the CIC BIM Protocol means they are exposed by their contractual obligations.

“This confirms that the profession must significantly increase the training of directors and project managers in BIM, not only drafters, technicians and modellers.

“On the whole this is a positive survey, but it does show there is much to be done. A more detailed analysis of this survey will follow early next year.”


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