Election of Vice-Presidents and Ordinary Council Members 2018

Published: 04/09/2018

Close of voting: noon on 3 September 2018.

CONTEST: Vice-Presidents for 2019-20

Result 2 to elect
John M Staves 1194 ELECTED
Kwok-fai Chung 1190 ELECTED
Robert J Paul 1076  
Ronald B Watermeyer 993  

Number of Eligible voters   19,071
Votes cast by post 142  
Votes cast online 2,741  
Total number of votes cast   2,883
Turnout   15.1%
Number of votes found to be invalid   55
Total number of valid votes to be counted   2,828

CONTEST: Election of Ordinary Members 2019-21

The minimum number of ordinary members (continuing in office and to be elected) from any electoral region is 1 (apart from Region 11 (Hong Kong), where it is 2). To fulfil this requirement, at least one candidate from Region 4 (Bedfordshire and Adjoining Counties, East Anglia and East Midlands) and Region 8 (North Thames) must now be elected. There is no maximum number from any region. Subject to this overriding condition, the election is being conducted using the first-past-the-post method of voting. As only one candidate has been nominated in Region 4 (Nicholas Ash) he is automatically elected. 
Result 9 to elect
Lee Franck 1,683  ELECTED
Charlotte E Rourke 1,570  ELECTED
Charlotte Homer 1,484  ELECTED
Rosaleen C E Kerslake Camburn 1,319  ELECTED
Michael H Fisher 1,233  ELECTED
Matthew L Evans 1,225  ELECTED
Colin C Caprani 1,163  ELECTED
Alastair C Smyth 1,132  ELECTED
Peter T S Ho 1,002  ELECTED
Clifford G Murray 858  
Mohamad K Al-Dah 798  
Ali A Karbassi 687  
Saprava Bhattacharya 672  

Number of Eligible voters   19,071
Votes cast by post: 142  
Votes cast online: 2741  
Total number of votes cast:   2883
Turnout:   15.1%
Number of votes found to be invalid:   234
Total number of valid votes to be counted:   2,649

Electoral Reform Services can confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied to us for the purpose of the election:-      

a) was sent the details of the election and      
b) if they chose to participate in the election, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded.

All voting material will be stored for twelve months.  

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