The Pai Lin Li Travel Award

Excellent opportunity for the professional development of structural engineers

The Pai Lin Li Travel Award

Would you like to study abroad, develop your career and push back the boundaries of structural engineering and the built environment?

The Pai Lin Li Travel Award, granted by The Educational Trust, provides grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 to Institution members to study new practice or trends outside your country.

The Award will give you the chance to spend four to six weeks experiencing the technical, economic, social and political conditions in another country and to examine how these factors affect the practice of structural engineering. The scheme enables members to broaden their experience and test their ideas with world experts. Projects exploring innovative materials and construction techniques are particularly encouraged.

Winners of Award grants also have the opportunity to share their findings during an evening lecture at the Institution’s London headquarters.

The 2018 Award is now closed for entries.

2017 winner

Graduate Member, Charlotte Elizabeth Murphy, for her research proposal ‘Designing Bridges for Manufacture and Assembly: Innovative joining technologies of precast concrete elements’.

Graduate Member, James Matthew Lomas, for his research proposal “Designing for Change: A New Approach to Residential

"The award allowed me to spend six weeks on the road in the Great Lakes of North America, exploring building deconstruction and the reuse of structural timber. For a London-based engineer with an office job, that felt like a miracle.

Receipt of the award provided weight and purpose to what I initially thought was a niche research pursuit, and gave me the confidence and time to really throw myself into the topic. But perhaps the lasting outcome has been the diverse, inspiring and friendly network of people in industry and academia that I met, both while preparing for and when travelling, on the trip; it's a network I plan to keep in touch with for future projects.

While to most people I spoke to the award sounded like an elaborate extended holiday, it entailed an unexpectedly serious amount of work in preparing, meeting, writing and presenting the research. However, I'd apply again in a shot if I thought I could get away with it!”

 Daniel Bergsagel, winner, 2015

"With the Pai Lin Li award money, I was able spend four weeks abroad, researching worldwide practices in the design and construction of stress ribbon bridges. I travelled to Germany, the Czech Republic and Japan, to meet with design engineers and researchers involved in this field which was very inspiring.

Travelling by myself to new countries, writing the paper for The Structural Engineer magazine, and then presenting my work at IStructE HQ really pushed me out of my comfort zone. It gave me invaluable experience in communicating tricky technical concepts in written and spoken, form which has helped me in my daily work, as I often have to report or present my work to the design team or clients on my projects. It was a fantastic experience, I highly recommend it."

Roma Agrawal, winner, 2008

Pai Lin Li Travel Award Recipients 

The Educational Trust has published a compilation of all the reports that have been written by recipients of the Pai Lin Li Travel Award between 2007-2012.

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