Mandatory Reporting of CPD: FAQs

1. Who does the scheme apply to?

Applies to practising, non-retired engineers from all the professional grades of membership:

  • Technician
  • Associate-Member
  • Associate
  • Chartered Member
  • Fellow

The Institution is happy to accept CPD submissions from Graduate or Student members who wish to provide CPD information in anticipation of doing so in the future, but submission is not mandatory.

The scheme does NOT apply to retired members.

2. How many hours of CPD am I expected to complete each year?

30 hours per year is the expectation. However, in designing this scheme the Institution has recognised that some members may have periods where they need not undertake their normal level of CPD. The proposal is therefore 90 hours over a period of three years to take into account times of reduced CPD.

4. 30 hours per year - that’s an awful lot of courses to attend – how can I possibly  afford the time or the expense?

It is a surprisingly common misconception that CPD = courses. This is very far from the case. The Institution has acknowledged that CPD can be accrued in a myriad of different ways which can include, but is not restricted to:

  • relevant learning from practical experience
  • teaching/mentoring of members and prospective members
  • project specific research 
  • IT skills development
  • preparation and delivery of lectures
  • preparation of articles and refereed papers
  • reading of journals/technical papers
  • post-graduate study

5. I don’t have to attend dozens of courses each year, but what if I am severely ill or decide to take a career break?

If there is a valid reason why you cannot gain 30 hours of CPD in a given year – or you do not manage to gain 90 hours over three years – then this will be taken into account during assessment. Examples of valid mitigating circumstances would be:

  • career breaks
  • long-term illness
  • maternity/paternity leave

There may be other situations that would provide valid reasons for a lower amount of CPD being reported – these can be detailed in the appropriate section of the Activities Record. However, not every reason for failing to report or accrue sufficient CPD will be valid. Lack of time, for instance, would not be considered an appropriate explanation; neither would stating that the there are no courses in the local area or that one’s employer refuses to pay for courses.

6. What will we be expected to submit each year?

The Activities Record or a similar document.

7. And if I am selected for audit?

You would need to submit the requested Activities Record if you have not done so already. An example of a completed Activities Record is available here.

8. Will I immediately be expelled from membership if I do not submit my Activities Record or similar document when requested?

If a member does not comply with Institution’s CPD policy, i.e. does not submit an appropriate CPD record, they may ultimately be removed from membership. 

However, in such cases members will be given the opportunity to explain why they have been unable to comply.  It is only where a member does not respond at all or provides inappropriate reasons, e.g. insufficient time, too expensive to attend courses, refusal to comply etc. that they will become subject to the disciplinary process, which comprises:

  • After the deadline of 31 March non-compliant members will be reminded of their obligation to submit a CPD record as per the Institution’s bye-laws.
  • If they do not comply, their name and membership number will be reported to the Institution’s Membership Committee.  The member will be informed of this and again requested to submit a CPD record.
  • If the member does not then submit a CPD record they will be reported to the next meeting of the Membership Committee where they will be removed from membership of the Institution.

Please note that as the Membership Committee meets every 3-4 months there will be a significant period of time in which the member will be able to prepare and submit their CPD record.

9. I am member of a number of professional institutions, some of which already have a mandatory reporting scheme. Do I have to submit this information to this Institution as well?

Not necessarily. The Institution has entered into agreements with a number of other organisations with regard to CPD requirements which allows those who have joint membership to submit via a simplified procedure. If you are a member of the following:

  • SAICE – South Africa
  • PEB – Singapore
  • Engineers Australia
  • APEGBC – Canada, British Columbia
  • BAPE – Barbados
  • HKIE – Hong Kong
  • PQRC - China

and comply with their CPD requirements you need only state via email or in writing words to the effect of “I hereby certify that I am professionally registered with {insert name of relevant organisation} and have satisfied their requirements for Continuing Professional Development.”  Please provide the membership number of the 'host' organisation.

If you are a member of an organisation whose CPD requirements are similar to this Institution but not included on this list please contact the Professional Development Officer at the Institution who will investigate whether they can be included.

You may if you wish submit your CPD information in a different format to the Activities Record but you must ensure that the necessary information is included: the number of hours and details of the activities and the benefits gained. 

Members can upload and submit their CPD record in any standard format via the CPD section of My Account.


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