Initial Professional Development

Initial Professional Development (IPD) is the acquisition and development of the specialist knowledge and skills (and their practical application) that are needed to practise as a structural engineer. It bridges the gap between a student’s educational base and attaining professional qualifications.

We recommend that candidates applying for the Professional Review (Hong Kong deadline: 1 April; Rest of the World deadline: 1 September) submit their applications well in advance to allow for possible delays.

Please note that any applications received after the deadline may not be processed but if they are accepted will be subject to a late application fee of £175.

The Institution defines IPD in terms of Core Objectives. There are 12 Core Objectives for Technician membership and 13 Core Objectives for Chartered and Associate-Membership. Full details of the objectives, and the minimum standards for each can be found in the IPD Regulations documents below.

There is no timescale for completing IPD commitment, although it takes most candidates at least 3-4 years in the workplace to develop sufficiently so as to satisfy the Core Objectives.

There are three possible routes to completing your IPD commitment:

  • Individually Managed Route
  • Accredited Training Scheme Route
  • Retrospectively Collated Route

Whilst the Institution favours the Individually Managed or Accredited Training Scheme routes (as it feels candidates benefit from a structured training programme with the support of mentors) the candidate should choose the route most appropriate to their situation. Details of each route can be found in the IPD Regulations documents below.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.


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IPD Regulations

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