I have read the Guidance Notes under each Core Objective. Do I have to complete all the activities listed?
Not necessarily. The notes are not exhaustive but highlight some of the ways in which candidates may demonstrate that they have satisfied an objective. Other activities may also contribute to a specific objective and may be recorded.

Which route I should follow?
If you intend to sit the Professional Review Interview (PRI) within two years, it is unlikely that you'll be able to build up an appropriate amount of documentation under the Individually Managed Route. Consequently it would probably be advisable to apply under the Retrospectively Collated Route clearly identifying the projects you have undertaken in the preceding four years of employment.

If you do not intend to take the PRI within the next two years you will have time to follow the Individually Managed Route and build up sufficient records of your training and experience which will have been signed off by your mentor or mentors. The experience gained in your first two years of employment, prior to you starting on the Individually Managed Route, will still contribute to the Core Objectives. However, the report forms you are required to complete under the Individually Managed Route should not be backdated. If you have gained experience before starting on the Individually Managed Route you should simply write a general report covering the first two years of experience showing how your training contributed to the Core Objectives.

I have decided to follow the Individually Managed Route. Do I have to register with the Institution?
The Institution does not have a formal Training Agreement, although it's recommended that you become a Graduate Member of the Institution at the earliest opportunity so that you can benefit from the many services available to Graduate Members. The Institution has designed the IPD regulations to provide flexibility for candidates with different backgrounds. You are not required to sign an Agreement with the Institution and neither you nor your employer is required to pay a registration fee.

I am following the Individually Managed Route. Which forms should I should complete?
There are three forms in the IPD Regulations documentation:

The first two forms should be completed each time you meet with your mentor - normally every three months. The IPD Final Report Form should only be completed immediately before applying for the Professional Review Interview.

Are portfolios required for all routes and what are the requirements?
Yes, two copies of your portfolio must be sent to your reviewers prior to your interview.  Please do not send them to HQ as you will be contacted directly by your PRI Co-ordinator or reviewers with details of where and when to submit your portfolios.

The IPD Regulations contain the full portfolio guidance but please note that each portfolio should include the portfolio checklist (please see the IPD Regulations) and must be either 25 mm in depth (double-sided) or 40 mm in depth (single-sided).  If you fail to comply with these requirements your portfolio may be rejected and your interview delayed or cancelled.

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