FEANI and EUR ING registration

An important agent for recognition in Europe is FEANI (the European Federation of National Engineering Associates). FEANI unites national engineering associations from 31 European countries and confers a pre-nominal title: EUR ING, to professional engineers who are members of a National Association that is part of FEANI. In the UK, the EUR ING title is open to all CEng registrants.

Additionally, FEANI maintains an index of accredited academic courses within FEANI associations. The index facilitates the recognition of equivalent academic courses throughout Europe. More information can be found on the FEANI website or via the Engineering Council website.

You can apply for FEANI registration by obtaining an application form which should be completed and returned to the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Membership Department. Members wishing to apply for FEANI registration through the Institution must complete and return the forms, together with payment of £210.00 which covers 5 years registration.

To avoid delay in processing it is important that you provide the following:

  • The full name of your University and the title of your degree so that it can be easily identifiable by FEANI in the list of "accredited UK degrees".
  • Sufficient details of your engineering experience to enable FEANI to award the Eur Ing title. Lack of detail is the main cause of delay of applications.

Please note that candidates must apply through the Institution with whom they are registered e.g. the Institution of Structural Engineers.

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