Conditions of loan

  1. All grades of member may borrow up to six items at a time, at the discretion of the Librarians - including but not limited to lending history.

  2. Libraries may borrow up to ten items at one time - our charges are in line with the current British Library item loan prices and are payable either via the British Library claims system or by setting up a deposit account with the Institution of Structural Engineers Library. Although Librarians may request loans on behalf of members, without charge, the loan remains the responsibility of the member concerned. Postal loans will be sent marked "private and confidential" and for the members attention. Other loans by proxy are not permitted.

  3. The loan period is four weeks for text items and two weeks for audiovisual material. This period may be extended twice before the items must be returned to the Library, providing another reader has not requested them. Loans should be returned promptly on request.

  4. Reminder notices will be issued for long overdue books, if a second reminder does not result in the return or renewal of the items the borrower will be charged for the replacement cost of the book. An administration charge of £20 is charged at this point. Loans to the borrower will be suspended, pending payment.

  5. Unpaid amounts may be treated as debts to the Institution, under Regulation 10.1.5: If any member shall incur a debt to the Institution, the Chief Executive shall notify the debtor of the same, and if the member shall fail to pay such debt within six months from the date of such notification, the Executive Board may authorise the deletion of the debtor’s name from the records at any time thereafter, and the debtor shall thereupon be removed from membership, but without prejudice to the debtor’s obligations to pay such debt.

  6. Loans are made on the understanding that that the borrower will replace any item lost or damaged through any circumstances connected with the loan, including the period of transport to and from the Library. All items should be adequately protected against damage and returned by recorded delivery, if posted. Borrowers are responsible for the return postage on items.

  7. No charge will be made for borrowing material from other libraries. Where loans are made from the British Library, the cost will be paid by the borrower. Other charges or costs relating to the replacement of missing or damaged material will be the responsibility of the borrower.

For more information about the Library and the services we offer please visit our FAQs page.

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