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The Copyright And Related Rights Regulations 2003 require all library users requesting photocopies from the Institution Library to state whether copies are for personal or commercial purpose

Visitors to the Library can make self service photocopies and complete the non-commercial copyright declaration form or, for commercial copies, purchase a copyright fee paid sticker for £9 (including VAT). Photocopies are then charged at 10p/A4 sheet and 20p/A3 sheet for members. Non-members are charged 20p/A4 and 40p/A3.

For users requesting a non commercial photocopy to be sent out by post or fax, there is a separate form to complete which also has a section on it for providing payment details.

Users requesting a commercial photocopy to be sent out by post or fax will need to make their request using this form. A commercial copying fee of £9 (including VAT) will be charged in addition to the normal photocopying or faxing charge per page.

Please note that certain publications, notably British Standards and TRADA publications, are not authorised for commercial copying. A list of these excluded categories and excluded works can be viewed online.

It is your responsibility to adhere to Copyright and related legislation - please ensure that you have read the conditions of the declaration contained in the forms above when you sign the document.

Important: Please make your request either by fax or post. Please do not email any forms containing your credit/debit card details.

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