The Institution has a vast number of Regional Groups, many of which produce their own reports and investigations, which are an extremely useful way to view research and findings from a wide range of sources. Please click the links below to view the reports.

Presentation reports:

Introduction to Eurocodes by David Moore

From the Presentation on 31st March 2008 at Park Farm Hotel.
Presentation provided by the East Anglia region

Composite Structures of Steel and Concrete by Roger Johnson

The attachment to this report are the slides from the presentation given to the region at the evening meeting in March 2007.
Presentation provided by the Midlands region

Designing for a 3D World by Angela Crowther

At the 2010 AGM held on the 29th October, George Oates and Tim Harris from Expedition Engineering gave a presentation highlighting the use of 3D modelling and design in construction.

Following this, graduate member Angela Crowther submitted a report on the evening which can be found attached.
Presentation provided by the North Thames region

Further Links

Angela Crowther`s Blog
Expedition Engineering

Rebirth of a Legend – St. Pancras Chambers by Chan To Sum

Mr. Royden Stock, Facilities Manager, together with Mr. Hadyn Davies, a former HKMTR manager, gave an interesting presentation on the renovation of St. Pancras Chambers to members of HKIE UK Chapter, ICE London and North Thames region of IStructE. Mr. Stock also led a group on a site visit.
Presentation provided by the North Thames region

Report on Rebirth of a Legend - St Pancras Chambers Joint Technical Meeting by Nataliya Aleksieva

Nataliya Aleksieva is the winner of the report writng competition for the "Rebirth of a Legend St Pancras Chambers" Joint Technical Meeting.
Presentation provided by the North Thames region

Channel Tunnel Rail Link for High Speed 1 - Regenerating of St Pancras station by Stuart Tomlinson

The presentation provided a fascinating insight into the scale of such a project, the plethora of engineering disciplines involved and the intricacies of interweaving them within the site and project timescale. It also gave a view into the design philosophy of the original St Pancras Station structure along with it’s development history.
Presentation provided by the North Thames region

Development Projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China by Thomas Lai

During his visit to the UK Chapter, President Ir. Dr. Andrew Chan of Hong Kong Institution of Engineers gave a presentation on ‘Development Projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China’ to a packed audience at a joint meeting with IStructE North Thames region and ICE London Region on 7th December 2009 at The Institution of Structural Engineers International Headquarters.
Presentation provided by the North Thames region

Carbon impacts in Design and Construction: Greening supply chains and managing embodied carbon by Tony Siantonas

Presenation from Tony Siantonas' talk in Glasgow on 5th October.
Presentation provided by the Scottish region

Structural enginering education in the 21st century: the way forward by Dr Graham Owens

The pdf image available through the link is an article from The Structural Engineer magazine pulished 5th January 2010 and is posted as a reference to a questionaire survey.
Presentation provided by the Scottish region

Sustainable Concrete Construction - An Engineer's Views by Professor Satish Desai OBE

Satish Desai gave a presentation at Fairfield Halls on 2 November 2010. A pdf file is enclosed as requested by some engineers attending the meeting
Presentation provided by the South Eastern Counties region

Aspects of Glass Handout by Dan Farquhar

Following the most interesting Technical Meeting held on the 27 April 2010 entitled Aspects of Structural Glass, the presenter Tim Morgan has kindly made available handout of the meeting which are attached.
Presentation provided by the South Eastern Counties region

Design against all odds by Dr Mills

Dr Mills gave an excellent presentation on the subject '2 + 2 = ?' on 15 May. It was illustrated with case studies and very matter-of-fact information on principles of structural design.
Presentation provided by the South Eastern Counties region

Conceptual design using hand calculations by Professor Arthur Bolton

Professor Arthur Bolton gave a fine presentation "Conceptual design using hand calculations"
Presentation provided by the South Eastern Counties region

Strut and tie method demystified by Dr Robert Vollum, Imperial College

Strut and tie modelling (STM) is a useful technique for designing structures like deep beams, corbels and beam-column joints where plane sections do not remain plane. The method can be used either in conjunction or as an alternative to finite element analysis. Strut and tie models have the attraction of visibly satisfying equilibrium through truss action. The detailing requirements for reinforcement are also explicit. The talk will illustrate the principles of STM through a series of worked examples which will show how finite element analysis can be used to refine STM.
Presentation provided by the Southern region

Disproportionate Collapse of Steel Frame Buildings by Andrew Way

Attached is Andrew Way`s Presentation slides from his 7th November Technical talk at Surrey University, which he has kindly said we may distribute. These slides will prove a useful tool for checking you have covered the various methods, from the codes, to avoid disproportionate collapse for the different classes of buildings and structures in your design.
Presentation provided by the Surrey region

Site Visit State of the Art Galvanizing Plant by Mark Palmer

The limited places were quickly taken up for what turned out to be a very informative visit. Thanks to Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd for your efforts.
Presentation provided by the Peterborough region

Eurocode 3 - The Designer and Fabricator Overview by Mark Palmer

Please find attached a synopsis of the recent meeting at Orton Hall.
Presentation provided by the Peterborough region

New Peterborough Hospital by Mark Palmer

Report on our recent site visit to the New Peterborough Hospital.
Presentation provided by the Peterborough region

John Clare's Cottage Refurbishment by Mark Palmer

Please find attached a brief report on our first site visit for the 2009-2010 session.
Presentation provided by the Peterborough region

The Death of British Standards Talk on EC7 by Mark Palmer

A synopsis of the October Evening Meeting. The Speaker was Dr Andrew Bond and the subject matter was the Eurocode 7 - Geotechnical Design
Presentation provided by the Peterborough region

Seminar on Special Structures by C W Tan

The Seminar on Special Structures was held on 11th August 2005 at Hotel Equatorial, Kuala Lumpur. It was the first seminar jointly organized by IStrucE Malaysia Division and Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia and was supported by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia

History reports:

The formation and History of the Northern Ireland Branch of the Institution of Structural Engineers

The first positive steps towards forming a Northern Ireland Branch were taken on Monday 10 November 1947, when some members of the Institution resident in the Province held a meeting in the Library of the Belfast College of Technology.
Presentation provided by the Northern Ireland region

Regional regulations

East Anglia region regulations
Current Branch Regulations

Northern Ireland region regulations
Regulations as presented to the AGM and ratified by the Executive Board

Southern region regulations
Current Branch Regulations

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