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Structural engineering makes a difference to our environment and shapes the world around us.

Structural engineers are a central part of the design and construction team. Working alongside architects and other professionals they create all kinds of structures from houses, theatres, sports stadia and hospitals to bridges, oil rigs and space satellites.

Structural engineering presents both creative and technical challenges and requires a solid knowledge base and excellent problem solving skills. To support the development of our members we provide easy access to information required in their day-to-day career.

The sections below provide an overview of key topics in the field of structural engineering.  

Our Values
The Institution of Structural Engineers provides advice and guidance about the legislation, codes and standards which govern the structural engineering profession.
Our Members
Health and safety is a priority for the Institution of Structural Engineers and the professionals working in the industry.
Our history
The Institution's Research Fund is managed by the Research Panel which provides financial support to researchers

Structural engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development of our built environment through the design, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure.
Organisation Structure
The Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) is a group of earthquake engineers, architects and academics who collaborate with colleagues in earthquake prone countries to improve the seismic resistance of both traditional and engineered structures.
Building Information Management (BIM) covers more than creating drawings from 3D models. It is an approach centered on using digital tools to efficiently produce information to allow assets to be built, operated and maintained. The BIM Panel is working to support Institution members and structural engineers to engage with and get maximum benefit from this new way of working.

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