UK Wind National Annex

The data files on this page are in Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format and contain the public domain data used to plot the wind map and wind factor graphs in the UK National Annex to EN1991-1-4 (Figures NA.1, NA.3, NA.4, NA.5, NA.6, NA.7 and NA.8). They are directly compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Values of base wind speeds are valid only over the land-mass of the UK. Values over the sea are included for completeness, but are extrapolations outside the geographical range of the source data, and should not be used for design off-shore.

Values of the wind factors are tabulated in 100 equal logarithmic increments on each axis of the figures. However, the height range has been extended by 10 additional increments up to 300m to facilitate use for lattice towers and masts (BS8100).

You are permitted to copy, distribute and use this data free of charge. You may not resell or charge for re-distribution of these files. You may not embed these data directly into software for commercial resale. Instead, you should arrange for the software to read the original files so that the data may be updated by replacing the files, in line with amendments to the UK National Annex.

The user should accept these files only from a trusted source. As the values in the files are editable, and therefore vulnerable to malicious changes, no warranty is given or implied as to their accuracy. The user is solely responsible for checking that the values in the files correspond to the published data in the UK National Annex before using them in design.

Click on the links below to download the data files:

Please note that Figure NA.1 contains the data table for the wind map as in the version of the UK National Annex incorporating National Amendment No.1 (published January 2011)

The following URL : will allow you to download the free ENCalculator2 application from RWDI Anemos Ltd. This interpolates (logarithmically) within the data figures and may be used to test your interpolation procedures. Note: The current version of this calculator replaces the previous version which implemented the draft-for-public-comment data and is now obsolete.

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