EEFIT mission: Haiti photo archive

Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd have prepared a geo-referenced archive of the photos taken during the period 7 to 13 April 2010 by the EEFIT team, following the Haiti earthquake 2010. There are 468 photos which can be displayed using Google Earth. The photos were taken at different locations in the city covering commercial, downtown, industrial and low and high density residential areas.

The majority of photos relate to a single building, for which details are supplied, including the construction type, degree of damage from both the field survey and remote assessments and contemporary notes taken by the EEFIT team. Further details of the EEFIT mission are given in the survey team's report.

To view the photos, carry out the following steps:

  1. Download and install Google Earth on your computer. (
  2. Save the file: Haiti_photos.kml and open it using Google Earth.
  3. After opening the file, Google Earth should display an aerial view of Port-au-Prince, with the locations of the photos indicated with pink markers. If you cannot see this, try typing: “Port au Prince” in the Google Earth search bar.
  4. Scroll in or out to select the area of Port-au-Prince in which you are interested. Clicking on a particular marker will cause a legend to pop up with the details of the photo (or photos) at that location. Detailed information on each entry is stored in the legend shown below.
  5. Click on the URL link to access the photo in question. Note that most buildings have several photos associated with them.
  6. Further information on EEFIT field survey methods and locations, the Pictometry and GEOCAN II remote surveys and the damage scales used is given in the EEFIT report on the Haiti earthquake.


FID GIS point ID
BD_ID Building ID. Format: [location number.building number].
PHOTO_ID Photo ID. Format: [building number]
URL Link to the photograph (PHOTO_ID) on the CURBE website (Cambridge University centre for Risk in the Built Environment)
STOREY Number of storeys
USE Building use: residential, commercial, school, bank, hospital, mixed
STRUCT Building structural material: masonry, reinforced concrete, confined masonry, timber, metal roof
PICT_COM Comments from CAR Earthquake Damage Assessment using Pictometry. Further information on the Pictometry damage assessment is available from: Haiti Pictometry
EEFIT_COM Contemporary notes taken by the EEFIT field survey
EEFIT_COM2 Further notes taken by the EEFIT team
EEFIT_DMGE EEFIT Damage rating (EMS scale, 1-5)
PICT_DMGE Pictometry damage rating (1-5, NVD = no visible damage)
GCAN_DMGE Geocan II damage rating (EMS 4-5 only, otherwise 0). Aerial photographs used to identify damage, full GEOCAN results from
POINT_X Longitude (WGS-84)
POINT_Y Latitude (WGS-84)
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EEFIT reports

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