Health and Safety Risk Management

This section of the Institution website is intended to provide members with basic information on health and safety risk management and links to further authoritative guidance.  The main focus is on project related aspects of health and safety management rather than employer / employee aspects of health and safety management.

Unlike many other industries, construction (which includes a very broad range of activities and sectors) is still largely people-dependent, despite the use of computers and sophisticated machinery.  It is one of the most dangerous industries to work in during the construction, maintenance and demolition phases.

Structural engineers have a key role in helping to protect those engaged in construction, maintenance and demolition from risks to their health and safety, in addition to protecting the end user. Structural engineers are above all else ‘risk managers’. Amongst all the various types of risk for which we are responsible, the well-being of others, i.e. their health and their safety, is paramount.

Protecting people from the ‘dangers’ of construction, maintenance and demolition work has not always been the priority it should have been.  However, over the years the moral imperative has been recognised and the legal obligations have also increased and become more explicit and wide-ranging.  Many of the regulations we adhere to today evolved as a reaction to health or safety problems of the past.

The interests of Institution members in this subject area are served through the Institution’s Health and Safety Panel.
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