Managing Health & Safety Risks

A series of articles authored by members of the Health & Safety Panel to assist all members, younger members in particular, in understanding the background and issues relating to the management of health and safety risks in construction. These articles are featured in the Institution's flagship publication, The Structural Engineer magazine, and are available for download by clicking any of the links below:

No. 1: Introduction to articles link

No. 2: The development of health and safety management link

No. 3: Recent events link

No. 4: The Law link

No. 5: Schemes to promote health and safety knowledge and awareness link

No. 6: The management of H&S risks during design development link

No. 7: Legionnaires’ disease link

No. 8: Common construction hazards link

No. 9: Hazardous materials link

No. 10: Common design hazards link

No. 11: Occupational health – information for designers link

No. 12: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) link

No. 13: Regulations and common acronyms link

No. 14: Competence link

No. 15: Using cranes link

No. 16: Standard tied independent scaffolds link

No. 17: Working at height link

No. 18: Hazards in structural steelwork – fabrication and erection link

No. 19: Temporary works design and management link

No. 20: Working with concrete: associated risks (1) link 

No. 21: Working with concrete: associated risks (2) link

No. 22: Statistics link

No. 23: Dangers of asbestos link

No. 24: Musculoskeletal injuries link

No. 25: Personal safety on site link

No. 26: Lone working link

No. 27: Confined spaces link

No. 28: Permit to Work systems link

No. 29: Industrial rope access link

No. 30: Fires on construction sites link

No. 31: Controlling risks in ground works link

No. 32: Identifying and managing contaminated ground link

No. 33: Controlling risks from underground and overhead services link

No. 34: Working safely near water link

No. 35: Vehicle on site link

No. 36: Electrical work on site link

No. 37: Electrical isolation link

No. 38: Vandalism and Theft link

No. 39: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 link

No. 40: Silica Dust link

No. 41: Safe Demolition link

No. 42: Hazards in Masonry link

No. 43: Client Safety Standards link

No. 44: Risks on operational Network Rail property link

No. 45: Small-scale works and CDM 2015 link

No. 46: Safety issues in high-rise construction link

No. 47: Safe excavation link

No. 48: Fragile roofs link

No. 49 Slips, trips and falls link

No. 50 Stability link

No. 51 Hazards from gas link

No. 52 Foreseeable risks link

No. 53 Nickel sulphide failure in toughened glass link


The work of the Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) and the Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety (CROSS) are closely allied to the Panel’s interests.  Details may be found on the combined website.

Client Leadership on Health & Safety

A good practice guidance document produced for professionals to actively engage with clients on health and safety leadership is available and freely downloadable from the CIC website.


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