Climate emergency guidance survey 2020
Date published

13 July 2020

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Climate emergency guidance survey 2020

Date published

13 July 2020

In late 2019, the Institution set up a Climate Emergency Task Group, with the goal of driving our response to the climate emergency.

One of the remits of the task group was to publish guidance around the topic of climate emergency, and during the last six months we have organised the writing of guidance notes, viewpoints and worked examples across many topics related to climate emergency. 

The first of this guidance was published in The Structural Engineer in June 2020, including A framework for change, which outlines the six topics around which we are grouping our guidance.

Tell us what you need

We are now seeking your help to set the direction for future climate emergency guidance. We want to know what guidance you would find most helpful to help you combat the climate emergency in your work.

We are running two surveys at once – one to determine regional needs, the other to look at overall requirements across the whole membership. Please complete either survey (or both surveys) and ask your colleagues to do the same – the more feedback we receive, the more help we can provide to our members. Note that both surveys are anonymous.

Survey A

This survey takes less than three minutes to complete. It asks for some basic information (location, firm size etc), before asking for you to rate guidance topics on their usefulness. We will use this data to help inform the variation in regional needs across our membership.

Survey A Take survey A
Survey B

This ‘All Our Ideas’ survey offers two guidance topics at a time and asks you to vote for your favourite. The survey will keep offering choices until you close the browser window. We will use this data to help inform the guidance topics that we will focus on in future editions of The Structural Engineer, as this reaches all our members.

Survey B Take survey B

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