New logos and licence guidelines available
Date published

11 March 2020

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New logos and licence guidelines available

Date published

11 March 2020

Professionally qualified members can now apply for a license to use the Institution logo on company materials. You can also download a special member logo for use in a personal context.

Licensing the Institution logo for business collateral:

Members need to apply to use the Institution logo on any company/ organisation materials. The Institution logo can only be used on:

• Headed paper
• Compliment slips
• Invoices
• Statements
• Practice brochures
• Premises nameplates
• Site signboards
• Websites

The new licence lasts for three years, and applications cost £150 + VAT. Full details are available via My Account.

Member logos:

You can no longer display the Institution logo in personal contexts – that is either on documents authored by you (like reports, drawings, calculations) or associated with you only (like email signatures, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, social media etc).

To address this need you can now download a special IStructE ‘member logo’ via My Account.

There are four versions of the logo available:

• Fellow
• Chartered Member (Member and Associate)
• Associate-Member
• Technician Member

You do not need to apply to use one of these member logos.

Kristy MacDonald, Board Secretary and Head of Professional Conduct, explained:

“We are delighted to offer member logos for use on personal collateral, letting clients see members’ individual knowledge, skills, experience and obligation to ethical professional conduct.

“At the same time we’ve restricted use of the Institution logo to remove ambiguity for the general public and improve our ability to monitor logo use.

“Most importantly the new rules will ensure we better protect the reputation of our members by limiting the unlawful use of the Institution logo by non-members.

“Use of the Institution logo now clearly denotes that the Director/Partner of the company is a professionally qualified member of the Institution, promoting the skills, knowledge and experience of an organisation with a professional member at the helm – setting the company apart from those who do not have a professional member in that position.”

If you have any questions about Institution logo licensing contact us