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A fibreglass rebar platform

Fiberglass rebar: a proven and sustainable technology for concrete infrastructure

Discover the potential of GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer), or fiberglass, as a viable solution for infrastructure projects.

Date - 1 April 2020
Author - Julien Sellier and Bryan Barragan
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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The control of Temporary Works and BS5975:2019

Industry experts discuss expectations on the procedural control of Temporary Works.

Date - 28 April 2020
Author - Chris Bennion and James McFarlane
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Structural engineering with bamboo

An insight into bamboo as a material and bamboo poles as a ‘structural product’.

Author - David Trujillo and Seb Kaminksi
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Stone as a structural material

This webinar explores the contemporary use of stone in a variety of structural applications. It showcases the versatility of this often-overlooked material.

Date - 29 April 2020
Author - Scott Boote and Amin Taha
Price - £45.50 + VAT
Image showing ideas from various sources

Conceptual design series: Creativity and idea generation during lockdown

How do you maintain creativity across remote teams?

Date - 23 June 2020
Author - Oliver Broadbent and James Norman
Price - £45.50 + VAT
<h4>Conceptual design series: Generating schemes effectively</h4>

Conceptual design series: Generating schemes effectively

How to generate a diverse range of viable structural solutions.

Author - Jonathan Carr and James Norman
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Conceptual design series: Rapid calculations

Learn how to design buildings quickly using pencil and paper.

Date - 1 October 2020
Author - Rachel De'Ath, Richard Harpin & James Norman
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Conceptual design series: Site investigations

Good site investigations provide good levels of information, but you need to know which questions to ask.

Date - 3 August 2020
Author - Rachael De'Ath, Richard Harpin and James Norman
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Maritime design for structural engineers

Discover the aspects of maritime design and where they differ from typical structural design.

Date - 20 October 2020
Author - Gareth Evans and William Evans
Price - £45.50 + VAT
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Recent trends inspiring structural design of contemporary building envelopes

Discover the design principles, performance, and material selection in contemporary building envelopes.

Date - 21 July 2020
Author - Peter Lenk
Price - £45.50 + VAT
<h4>The importance of specialist Temporary Works design consultation</h4>

The importance of specialist Temporary Works design consultation

Discover the benefits of early involvement of a Temporary Works consultant/specialist in building and civil engineering projects.

Author - David Thomas, Tony Gould, Roy Lyle & Simon Smith
Price - £45.50 + VAT