About The Structural Awards 2017

The Structural Awards are held each year to celebrate the role of structural engineers as innovative, creative design professionals and to showcase the world’s cutting edge engineering projects.

2017 marks the 50th Structural Awards celebration. As ever, the Awards will culminate in The Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence.

Previous winners of the accolade include: the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre in Surrey, Canada; The Singapore Sports Hub; Glass Lantern, Apple Zorlu in Turkey; Taizhou Bridge in China and the London 2012 Velodrome.

Key Dates and Deadlines 2017

23 January Open to entries
20 April Entries close
31 July Table sales open
17 November  The Structural Awards Ceremony & Dinner 2017

New Judging Process

The judging process is now in three stages. Firstly, a panel of eminent judges will independently look at all entries and award points. The highest scoring entries will then be evaluated by a ‘sitting judging panel’ to establish the shortlist. Once the shortlist is agreed, we will ensure that no conflict of interest exists between a judge and any shortlisted project. Should there be any conflict, those judges will not serve on the final judging panel. The final panel will convene and decide on the category winners.

Judging Criteria

Submissions should focus on the structural engineering characteristics of the project. The judges will be looking for evidence of the following:

Excellence: characteristics that place the structural engineering solution well beyond the ordinary, including demonstrable examples of how the structural design enabled the project to meet or exceed the client's expectations

Creativity and innovation: examples of originality and the application of new and improved technologies and processes in the structural design, particularly where these have led to greater efficiency and economy in the solution

Elegance and detailing: engineering structures which demonstrate technical and/or visual elegance, including in the attention to detail, or which contribute to the elegance of the overall design solution

Sustainability: structural solutions which implement sustainable techniques and technologies, as demonstrated through efficiency, the specification of materials, recycling and reuse, socio-economic factors, carbon reduction and other factors, and

Value: economic viability and value for money in the structural solution, as well as non-financial indicators of value

Projects can be entered for consideration in 12 principal categories. In addition, the judges will consider each entry for one of three special awards.

About Structural Engineers

If we think of a structure as a human body, then structural engineers design and maintain the skeleton. They are a key part of the design and construction team, working alongside architects to create and maintain all kinds of structure - from houses and skyscrapers to sports stadia and oil rigs.

Structural engineers are the guardians of public safety, ensuring that buildings and bridges are strong enough to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains. They are trustworthy problem-solvers who shape all aspects of our built environment, developing solutions which allow construction in the most challenging environments.

More about structural engineering.

About The Institution of Structural Engineers

The Structural Awards 2017 are organised and hosted by The Institution of Structural Engineers. The Institution is the world’s largest membership body dedicated to the art and science of structural engineering, with 27,000 members working in over 100 nations around the world.

Members of The Institution are highly-trained professionals. Each Chartered Member has passed one of the most demanding examinations of its kind and is required to continually develop his or her skill-set, maintaining a justified reputation as a world-class engineering specialist.