China Central Television New Headquarters

Winner of Award for

Commercial or Retail Structures - 2013

Client Name

General Office of CCTV New Site Construction & Development Program


Beijing, China

Images: © Zhou Ruogu; Fu Xing; Frank P Palmer; Arup
The architects design for the new building is intended to encourage people from various disciplines to work together creating a highly unusual shape. The two leaning towers, 234m and 194m tall, linked together by a 15 storey cantilevered “overhang” and a 10 storey podium posed significant structural challenges, compounded by the location in a highly seismic area. The response was to brace the facade on all sides to form a continuous tube that is ideally suited to deal with the nature and intensity of the loading.

Judge's comment:

This is an excellent example of the structural engineer providing a solution to a very difficult problem with a basic concept that is clear and robust. In addition, their skills in innovation, collaboration and attention to detail are apparent in the development of the final design. 

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