Part 2: Submit an illustrated report


Thank you for submitting your online entry form in Part 1. You will receive a confirmation email with a unique Entry ID code shortly. You will need this ID code for Parts 2 and 3 of the submission process, so please keep it to hand.

For Part 2, you will need to provide an illustrated report describing your project, to include further photos and drawings to support your submission. You must submit these via WeTransfer.

You must provide:

  1. An illustrated report responding to each of the questions listed below. The final report must be a maximum of 1500 words and no more than 6 pages (single-sided) in an A4 portrait PDF file.
  2. A minimum of six high quality photographs. CAD drawings and sketches to support your entry may also be submitted.
  3. At least two full page engineering drawings showing the general arrangement and typical sections and/or details of the structure (with dimensions and notes legible when printed at A4) must be provided.

Please provide an illustrated report describing your project, to include further photos and drawings to support your submission. (Max 1500 words and no more than 6 pages [single-sided] in A4 portrait format, to be uploaded as a PDF file).

Where possible, please include relevant metrics such as tonnes/metres, cost per square metre, total floor area and other data considered relevant to the project.

  1. General: Please describe the project, with particular emphasis on the structural engineering characteristics. Include a description of the client's brief, information on how the structural engineering solution evolved and developed in response to the brief, and how the interfaces with other disciplines were handled.

  2. Excellence: Please explain what is particularly special about the structural solution and describe, with specific examples, how the structural design enabled the project to meet, or exceed, the clients' expectations. Please include any other attributes which make the project extraordinary or noteworthy.

  3. Creativity and innovation: Please provide examples of how innovative and creative ideas have been incorporated into the structural design, and particularly where these have led to greater efficiency and economy in the solution.

  4. Elegance and detailing: Please describe (and illustrate) any particularly elegant characteristics of the structural solution and detailing, including aspects of technical elegance as well as the visual appearance (where relevant). 

  5. Sustainability: Please describe the sustainability attributes of the structural solution, with reference to the design, construction and future maintenance, and highlight any particular techniques or technologies adopted in minimizing negative impacts of the scheme and achieving a sustainable outcome.

  6. Value: Please comment on the economic viability of the scheme and the added value achieved through the particular structural solution from both a financial and non-financial perspective.

  7. Other attributes: Please describe any other aspects of the structural engineering solution which you consider make it worthy of an award.

  8. Summary: Please provide, in just a few lines, a summary of the key characteristics of the project which make this a worthy candidate for a Structural Award.

Please include within the report a selection of images, sketches and drawings that support your responses to the above questions and illustrate the important structural characteristics of the project. Include illustrations describing important aspects of the construction method where this is relevant to the submission. These images can be the same or different from the images you provide below.

If the submitted PDF consists of more than six pages any additional pages will not be considered by the judges.

Please submit a minimum of 6 high quality photographs and any CAD drawings and sketches that support your submission. These can be the same or different from the images within the report.

At least two full page engineering drawings showing the general arrangement and typical sections and/or details of the structure (with dimensions and notes legible when printed at A4) must be provided.

Submitted imagery will be used in the judging process, as well as for marketing, PR and AV at the Awards ceremony and dinner. Media files (jpeg/png etc.) and the illustrated report should be clearly labelled with any desired credits. All media submitted must be cleared for use across all communications by The Institution of Structural Engineers. The responsibility for obtaining and securing this permission rests with the Awards applicant. By submitting images, you agree to the use of those images for all purposes related to the Structural Awards.

Please submit your illustrated report and additional photos and drawings to using Ensure your unique Entry ID code is provided.

Create a ZIP file that includes your final PDF file and separate image files.

Submit files via WeTransfer

When you have uploaded your content, please pay the entry fee. Your submission will not be accepted until payment has been received. Your entry fee of £290 + VAT must be received by 17:00 GMT on Monday 16 April.

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