We’ve answered the most common questions about the Structural Awards. Click on a question to see the answer or contact us at events@istructe.org or on +44 (0)20 7201 9824 if you need more information.

Why enter?
Showcase your most innovative projects and technical achievements at the Structural Awards - the only international awards competition focused exclusively on structural engineering excellence.

Whether your project is a small-scale extension, listed building refurbishment or the development of an iconic new structure, entering is a great way to get the expertise of your team recognised and champion cross disciplinary collaboration.

Shortlisted and winning projects benefit from extensive media coverage and publicity, and the Awards ceremony in November is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of the industry, make new business connections and strengthen existing ones.

Winning a Structural Award is winning a place in history: a chance to join a list of historic winners and set your business ahead of the competition.

When can I enter?
The Structural Awards 2018 has now closed for entries.

Entires for the 2019 awards will open in January 2019.
What is the judging process?
The Structural Awards has a three-stage judging process. All entries are reviewed by a panel of eminent judges. The highest scoring entries will then be evaluated by a ‘sitting judging panel’ to establish the shortlist. Any judges with a possible conflict of interest with any of the shortlisted projects will not serve on the final judging panel who will select the winners.
What are the judging criteria?
Entries should focus on the structural engineering characteristics of the project. The judges will be looking for evidence of the following:


  • Excellence: characteristics that place the structural engineering solution well beyond the ordinary, including demonstrable examples of how the structural design enabled the project to meet or exceed the client's expectations.
  • Creativity and innovation: examples of originality and the application of new and improved technologies and processes in the structural design, particularly where these have led to greater efficiency and economy in the solution.
  • Elegance and detailing: engineering structures which demonstrate technical and/or visual elegance, including in the attention to detail, or which contribute to the elegance of the overall design solution.
  • Sustainability: structural solutions which implement sustainable techniques and technologies, as demonstrated through efficiency, the specification of materials, recycling and reuse, socio-economic factors, carbon reduction and other factors.
  • Value: economic viability and value for money in the structural solution, as well as non-financial indicators of value.

What are the awards categories?
The categories are designed by the judges to place a strong emphasis on the structural characteristics of a project, rather than the type of structure.
Visit the Categories page for more information.
What type of project is suitable for entry?
The Structural Awards welcome entries from around the world in all categories and is open to small and large projects. Judging is based on merit not scale. The project entered, however, should have been completed or be due for completion between 15 April 2017 and 16 April 2018.
Who can enter?
Any company can submit a project. The entry must have a named structural engineer who is a member of The Institution of Structural Engineers. This person must be the project representative. All grades of membership are accepted.
Do I need to be a member of The Institution of Structural Engineers to enter?
Entries must have a named structural engineer who is a member. All grades of membership are accepted.

If you are not currently a member of the Institution, rest assured it is quick and easy to join. We have a variety of types and grades of membership you could consider. Find out more about membership.

If you want to join the Institution to be able to make a submission to the Structural Awards 2018 and gain access to the benefits of membership quickly, we recommend the following two types of membership for consideration at this time.  

Graduate Membership is ideal for engineers who have completed an accredited (or recognised) structural and/or civil engineering degree or the equivalent. Graduate Members can work towards becoming professionally qualified. Find out more about the benefits of professional membership.

The Institution’s Affiliate Scheme offers those in a field associated with structural engineering, such as architects or civil engineers, closer association with the profession. You might also be a structural engineer not aiming to become professionally qualified or already be a member of another professional association. Find out more about the Affiliate Scheme.

Note - as the member named on the submitted project must be a practising structural engineer, we are unable to accept Student Member backed submissions.
Can I enter my project in to more than one category?
Each entry can be submitted in up to two categories. You must demonstrate how your project meets the judging criteria for chosen categories in your illustrated report.

Projects can be entered for consideration in 12 principal categories only. In addition, the judges will consider all entries for the three special awards.

Visit the Categories page for more information.
Can I enter more than one project?
There are no restrictions on the number of projects that can be entered. Each project may be submitted under any one or two of twelve principal categories. Candidates should identify the relevant category or categories (up to a maximum of two) on the application form.
Can I submit my entry via hard copy?
No. We must receive your entry via the online system provided. If you have problems with our online system, please call the Events Team on +44 (0)20 7201 9824.
What is the deadline for entries?
The deadline for entries has now closed.

It is not necesary to submit all three parts of your entry at the same time but all three parts must have been recieved before the deadline.
What is the charge to submit my project?
The 2018 entry fee was £290 + VAT. Each project can be entered into a maximum of two principal categories.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept the following:
  1. online payment via credit or debit card

  2. Bank transfer (BACS) via an invoice
Structural Awards will open again for entries in January 2019.

I am submitting more than one project, can I pay for them all together?
Yes. Multiple entries can either be paid for individually or added together onto one online payment (maximum of 3 project entries per payment).
Are there any Terms & Conditions to be aware of?

Terms and conditions of entry

To enter your project(s) to the Structural Awards 2018, your submission must adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your complete entry (Part One entry form, Part Two report and imagery and Part Three payment) must be received by the final closing deadline of 17:00 BST on Monday 23 April 2018.
  2. Entries may be submitted by any company involved in the project, but the named project representative must be a member of The Institution of Structural Engineers.
  3. All members of the project team, including the client, must have given consent for the project to be entered into the competition.
  4. The project must be completed or due for completion between 15 April 2017 and 16 April 2018.
  5. Entry forms will only be accepted via our website pro forma. All submission documents must be submitted via the upload page (visible once your entry form is submitted). Submissions provided on CD / DVD will not be accepted.
  6. Your illustrated report must total no more than 1500 words and 6 A4 pages. Any pages thereafter will not be considered by the judging panel.
  7. Your project will be considered in a maximum of two categories. The 2018 judging panel reserve the right to reallocate entries to more appropriate or additional categories.
  8. All project accreditation between project team members has been agreed prior to making the submission – please note that if a discrepancy arises between project team members, the project will be ineligible for consideration until the issue is resolved.
  9. The judges’ decision on all shortlisted entries and winners is final. It is not possible to provide individual feedback for entries that are not shortlisted. The judges reserve the right to make no awards within categories should entries be deemed unsuitable.
  10. Information submitted and photographic copyright of any project images will remain with the authors. However, by submitting an entry you consent to The Institution of Structural Engineers using submitted photography in any publication. This may include, but is not limited to, print and digital marketing, PR and exhibition purposes. We may allow third parties (e.g journalists) to use such works for the purposes of promoting The Structural Awards. If copyright of any images belongs to another party then this must be clearly stated in your submission and images.
For any queries please contact the Events Team on events@istructe.org
When is the Structural Awards 2018 ceremony being held?
The Structural Awards 2018 Ceremony & Dinner will take place on Friday 16 November at a central London location.
When can I buy tickets to attend the Structural Awards?
Tickets are currently available to purchase. Buy tickets here.

When will shortlisted projects be announced?
The shortlist for the Structural Awards 2018 was announced on Wednesday 1 August. See the shortlist
Where can I find out more about The Institution of Structural Engineers?
The Structural Awards 2018 are organised and hosted by The Institution of Structural Engineers. The Institution is the world’s largest membership body dedicated to the art and science of structural engineering, with 27,000 members working in over 100 nations around the world.

Members of the Institution are highly-trained professionals. Each Chartered Member has passed one of the most demanding examinations of its kind and is required to continually develop his or her skill-set, maintaining a justified reputation as a world-class engineering specialist.

Visit our website at www.istructe.org.