Southend Pier Head

Structural Designer

Price & Myers

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Southend Borough Council


Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

Images: © Luke Hayes; Price & Myers


A 350sqm building at the end of the famous UK Southend Pier. Although the architecture twists and turns like the waves beneath, the structural engineering is remarkably calm and simple. This is an economic building, pre-fabricated off-site in timber and steel and kept light by efficient structural engineering design. It needed to be light because it was fabricated as one element off site. It was then floated out to the end of the pier and lifted into its final resting place. 

Judge's comment:

The timber and steel carcass kept it light and the off-site prefabrication helped keep the quality up. The sense of theatre engendered by floating it out and lifting it into place all in one day is only part of the story – it also helped keep the construction team safe. The building and its unusual construction story has apparently already entered local folklore!

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