Tanxishan Glass Landscape Pedestrian Bridge

Structural Designer

Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., LTD

Client Name

Zibo Tanxi Mountain Tourism Development Co. LTD.


Zibo, China

Yangzhou Jiangan Color Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.

Paradox Architecture Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tonglei Civil Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.  - Worked for the tension of cables


Spanning two cliffs on the top of Tanxi Mountain, this curved girder bridge is supported by a single-side cable arch system.

3D laser scanning technology and a construction technique of superimposed rotation was adopted in response to the harsh and narrow construction space.


Judge's comment:

Happily reminiscent of the 2001 Gateshead Millennium Bridge, in terms of both its overall shape and its ingenious, rotational method of erection, the Tanxishan Glass Landscape Pedestrian Bridge provides a breath-taking pedestrian link and viewing platform spanning 109m between two clifftop promontories in the Tanxi Mountain Scenic Area in Shandong Province, China. 

The inspired choice of location allowed the tubular section main compression arch and the asymmetrical box section girder framework for the pedestrian walkway arch, paved with laminated glass panels, to be constructed on a curved low-level temporary platform.

The pedestrian walkway was then connected to the main compression arch using 45mm diameter cables, after which it was rotated through 120 degrees using mast-climbing hydraulic jacks to tension the cables.

A similar method was then used a second time, to rotate the combined walkway and compression arch assembly through a further 60 degrees out over the void into its final position. 

Highly-detailed and accurate 3D laser scanning of the whole promontory area and the gorge in between was crucial in enabling the geometry of the temporary works and the finished structure to be determined, and for this spectacular and beautiful bridge to be created. 

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