WikiHouse 4.0

Structural Designer

Open-source design, led by Arup

Client Name

Arup; 00 Architects and The Building Centre, for London Design Festival 2014


London, United Kingdom

00 architects


WikiHouse 4.0 was built for the London Design Festival 2014. It is the world’s first open source, digitally manufactured two storey house. The open source construction system can be freely downloaded and customised allowing for local manufacture and assembly with only minimal construction skills. The prototype, which was built in twelve days for less than £50k, showcased the potential of digital fabrication and open source technology for the building construction industry. The timber board panels slot together like a jigsaw puzzle, secured solely by friction, without the need for mechanical fixing.

Judge's comment:

As the world’s first digitally manufactured house, the judges felt this project demonstrated remarkably the potential of digital fabrication and open-source technology. Additionally, with parts secured solely by friction, and no mechanical fixings, the house can be easily assembled with minimal construction skills required.

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